A transformative ecosystem driving
next generation healthcare

Medical cannabis as an entry vehicle

We will play a fundamental role in orchestrating next generation healthcare experiences starting with medical cannabis as an entry vehicle, with patients at the core and ‘trust’ as the currency.

The first product in the MediCade ecosystem – ASAYATM will transform the medical cannabis market in Germany in 2023.

from Sadé Biotech is the only established end-to-end digital medicinal cannabis platform worldwide

MediCade follows an evidence-based approach based on AI and machine learning.

Powered by a unique AI and machine learning engine that will provide HCPs and patients with personalized treatment programs on a constantly evolving basis. Ultimately, the entire medical cannabis ecosystem will benefit from ASAYATM – connecting HCPs, patients, pharmacists, growers, researchers, and regulators.

For further information or collaborative opportunities please use the contact form. Updates will be made available in due course.


PRESS RELEASE 24.01.2023

The need for information within the German population on the topic of cannabis seems to be very high, as shown by the results of the new Cannabis Consumer Tracker, which will be presented at CannabisCon on May 24 in Frankfurt. Learn more in the following press release.

PRESS RELEASE 24.01.2023

The market for medical cannabis in Germany is growing steadily, but reliable medical data is hardly available. MediCade therefore offers a new, independent platform to all stakeholders on this topic from 2023. Learn more in the following press release.

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